Tales of valor and poignant romance epitomize Jodhpur. In the arid landscape of Thar Desert Jodhpur is built around an oasis. They say Rao Jodha, the founder of the city, evicted a hermit from the rocky ridge where the Mehrangarh fort stands now. Enraged hermit cursed that the land would be inflicted by drought and famine thenceforth. Hence the city became dry as desert. But with its impregnable forts, landscaped gardens, ornate havelis, Jodhpur is a romantic city. Don’t rush. Explore it with poise. The city would grow on you.

Jodhpur Tourist Information
Jodhpur Must Visit Places
There are some of the places that will attract you when you visit Jodhpur. Mostly there are forts and monuments that you should see. Forts are very good, one such fort is Mehrangarh fort, which is also known as Purana killa. Umaid Bhawan palace is yet another palace that you should visit. Jaswant Thada is situated in left of Mehrangarh and it is yet another picturesque thing that you should visit. Clock tower and Jodhpur camel safari are must visit here.

Jodhpur's Famous Cuisines
Jodhpur is considered to be the royal place. It follows typical rajasthani food. You may find other cuisines in the restaurants and hotels. But if you are in Jodhpur, you should try out Daal baati churma and other traditional rajasthani food items. Mawa kachori, Makhaniya lassi, Pyaz kachori, Hot and spicy mirchi-bada etc are famous ones.

Jodhpur Markets
If you think of Shopping in Jodhpur then it truly brings you the real cultural fiestas. There are traditional clothes, richly carved furniture, metal arts, leheriya bandhani textiles, are the famous stuffs thatyou can buy. Some of the famous markets are Kapra bazaar, Mochi bazaar, Sojati gate, Tripoli bazaar, Ghasmandi bazaar etc.

How To Reach Jodhpur
You can reach Jodhpur via air, train or bus. You have the nearest airport in Jodhpur itself. The railway station is well connected to this place. The city is well connected to all cities from where you can connect.

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