In the interiors of Rajasthan, there was a land where the royal ladies used to jump into fire at the news of defeat in war to save themselves from the hand of the enemies. Wondered where on earth? It is in Chittorgarh, the land of valiant men and women. Lend your ear to the pillars and corridors of the colossal fort; you may still hear the drumbeats and the war cry, the poignant moaning of romance and sacrifice. Epic saga of valor and defiance comes alive in this rugged, wind-swept land. Hard to believe, unless you have been here, once.

Chittorgarh Tourist Information
Chittorgarh Must Visit Places
A fort of chittorgarh is the epitome of Rajput pride. You can see the heroism and sacrifice of people here. Forts of chittorgarha re said to be the epitome of courage and gallantry. There are hoards of places that should be visited in Chittorgarh. Some of the special mentions are Rana Kumbha palace, Kalika mata temple, Kumbha shyam temple, Gaumukh kund etc. Padmini’s palace is famous as it is said to be the situated on 180 metre high hill top. Vijay stambha, Fateh Prakash palace, Sammideshwara temple and Kirti stambha are other famous places to be visited.

Chittorgarh's Famous Cuisines
Chittorgarh cuisine follows traditional rajasthani food items. Some of the famous food delicacies include Karhi, which is a traditional dish of Rajasthan, Mirchi ka achar which is the spicy achar, Kheer, one of the most liked sweet dishes in Rajasthan. Aloo parathas and Seera are other food items that people are very fond of here.

Chittorgarh Markets
Chittorgarh is famous for local handicrafts and leather made goods. You may find good shoes and leather handbags here. Some of the famous markets where you can look for these are Nehru market, moti bazar, new cloth market, Krishi upaj place etc.

How To Reach Chittorgarh
You can reach Chittorgarh via air, train or bus routes. You may reach Udaipur or Jaipur by flight and then take a bus or train to Chittorgarh. This town is very well connected to all places surrounding the city. There are easy routes of bus.
Chittorgarh Tour Packages

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